Experiences at Glass 20.87

Glass 20.87 offers a tapestry of unique experiences that bridge ancestral traditions and contemporary luxury. These moments have been carefully curated, blending spiritual, culinary, and natural excursions to delight and nurture your soul.

From $125 USD

Soul Caress Therapy

Transport back in time with therapies echoing pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions. This massage, infused with essential oils, not only addresses physical discomforts but deeply rooted emotional and spiritual challenges. The powerful properties of medicinal plants harmonize your body and soul.

From $250

Herbs Ceremony

This steamy ceremony, redolent with the scent of sacred herbs, allows you to detoxify both in body and spirit. As you sweat, you release toxins and tensions, absorbing the potent benefits of the herbs.

From $190/Breakfast

Private Breakfast & Dinner

Experience gourmet meals set against the backdrop of the majestic Mayan jungle. With a private chef, delight in dishes like "Chilaquiles" or "Rib eye" as the sun rises or sets.

From $290


Partake in an ancient Mesoamerican ritual in the warmth of the temazcal. Seek purification, rejuvenation, and spiritual elevation as you pay homage to nature and the ancestors.

From $250

Cacao Ceremony & Preparation

Revel in the rich history and transformative power of cacao. Immerse in ceremonies that awaken your spirit, or learn the art of preparing this divine beverage

From $250


Center yourself amidst nature's chorus. Seek balance, flexibility, and inner tranquility under the vast expanse of the jungle sky.

From $250


Find healing in the gentle embrace of water. The Janzu technique combines aquatic movements to release energy blocks and create a deep state of relaxation.

From $220

Cenotes Adventure

Dive into nature's stunning water vaults. Refresh in the pure, crystalline waters of the cenotes, witnessing the ethereal beauty below and above.

Each experience at Glass 20.87 is more than just an activity; it's a journey through time, culture, and self-awareness. These curated moments offer a passage into the depth of Mayan culture and the wonders of nature, all cocooned in modern luxury. Don't wait to indulge in these soulful excursions. Reserve your unique experience today and journey with us beyond the ordinary.

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